Various Spot Welding Machine / Automatic Type

Rocker Arm Type Spot Welder

Adjustable arms gap for larger work piece, 0-200mm.

Customized S shape holders reach whatever position and angle you desire.

Built-in self-cycle water cooling system simplify external piping.

Water-cooled copper holders and electrodes ensure welding quality.

Thermal switch with automatic cut-off for overheat protection to transformer and SCR.

Widely apply in wire net, metal furniture, electrical or tool cabinet.

Rocker Arm Type Spot Welder-1
Rocker Arm Type Spot Welder-2
Rocker Arm Type Spot Welder-3.png
Modle AW-506C AW-508C
50 % Rated capacity KVA 50 50
Power Supply V 220 / 440 220 / 440
Copper Arm Length L 600 800
Max. Arm Length L 800 1000
Min. Throat Width mm 300 300
Max. Throat Width mm 690 740
Welding Capacity mm 1.2 + 1.2 1 + 1
Electrode Stroke Adjustable Adjustable
Max. Tip Force / 5 kgs air KGF 120 120