Auto Body Parts Assembly

Suspended Spot Welding-8

1. High efficiency resistance welding machine.

2. Easy to install and simple to operate, saving energy.

3. Nimble and 360 rotational use. It can be stayed at wherever position and angle you desire.

4. Small, light and high output power. The smallest welder in the same output power.

5. Water-cooled copper arm to guarantee the welding quality.

6. High production rate, sufficient supply of spare parts and components.

7. Aluminium Alloy Welding

Suspended Spot Welding-9
Suspended Spot Welding-10
Suspended Spot Welding-11
Suspended Spot Welding-12
Suspended Spot Welding-13
Suspended Spot Welding-14

Cabinet / Enclosure / HVAC

Office Cabinet, Steel Furniture
Electrical Enclosure, Locker
HVAC- Air Conditioning

懸吊式點焊機 懸吊式點焊機 懸吊式點焊機

Steel Door / Steel Pallet

Steel Door, Fireproof Door
Steel Packing Box, Steel Pallet

Suspended Spot Welding-19
Suspended Spot Welding-20
Suspended Spot Welding-21

Aluminium Alloy Welding

Aluminium Alloy Welding