Welding Process Industrial Co., Ltd. (WPI Taiwan) is a professional designer and manufacturer of Suspended type, Portable type and Customized Automatic Spot Welding Machine. With 40 years experience and constant innovation, self-designed transformer and cylinder, WPI has successfully become the main developer and the only local manufacturer of Suspensed Type Spot Welding Guns.

In resistance welding engineering design, in spot welding research and development our expertise is trusted and certified by the automotive manufacturing industry in Taiwan. We also provide related technical consulting.

WPI is a global brand, with our exports constantly increasing to China, The Americas, Arabia, Africa, The Middle East, and South East Asia and we are trusted by our customers.

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Our Ability

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Founded the company, a manufacturer & designer of various types of mechanical automatic controls.
Branched out into R&D of portable spot welding guns, a major Breakthrough from traditional technology.
Successful development of 23KVA, 31KVA, 48kva and various Suspended Type Water Cooled Pneumatic Spot Welding.
The only manufacturer of portable welder (IT Gun) in Taiwan to corner 80% of the auto-body manufacturing market.
Major accomplishments in welding engineering for the auto-body manufacturing industry, earning trust and reliance among auto-body industry.
Successful expanding 14,27,72,93, 116KVA and DC power of Trans Guns series.
Successful development of Strong Structure Gun and Patent applications.
Company Scale and Service expanding.
Automation Spot Welding Integration Service. MFDC for alu. alloy.
Servo IT Gun (Trans Guns)

Energy Saving in IT Gun(Trans Guns)

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Cable Gun 165KVA

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Transformer, Secondary Cable, Performance Output
Bulkiness transformer with clumsy secondary cable cause current loss and reduce 40% of the working rating. Fully concealed one-structure in compact size and no secondary cable need. No current loss and achieve 90% of working efficiency rating. 48KVA of WPI Guns efficiency current output equivalent to 165KVA Cable Gun.
Energy Efficiency
High KVA requires high power supply. Larger power is needed to compensate the loss of the seconday cable. Electrical energy costs will increase. Small KVA in high output and no current loss. High efficiency and energy saving choice.
The bulkiness of the secondary cable limits the meneuverability and causes poor operability. Small, nimble and 360° rotational use. Great maneuverability.